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That’s all folks! We would like to show our heartfelt appreciation to all those who came to see the special shows TURNING GOLEM and LALU’s ATOMIC ARK. Although on paper these few acts seemed but a shadow of the full and original Headway Festival line-up we were forced to cancel, the live performances of both nights showed quite the opposite.

We thoroughly enjoyed both shows, which were unique, energetic, intense and entertaining to the fullest, and we hope the audience did as well. Thanks a million to the bands, the venue, the volunteers and all people involved, including the generous and enthusiastic supporting acts SYNERGY PROTOCOL and EMBION. Finally, we’re looking forward to the results of the live recordings LALU made. We’ll keep you posted.

We’re not sure about the future yet. But we do know the venues we relate to have already booked some great new acts for you to enjoy: see all EVENTS. Thanks, and until whenever!